Healthy Practices & Clubs

Proctor System & Healthy Practices:

Proctorial System:As the students admitted into various programs are from different academic, social, economic and regional backgrounds, they have a variety of learning needs related to their personal interest. Students learn at different rates in different styles and in different situations and times. The Proctorial System is introduced with the main objective of providing supportive care and advice to the students and to help them in their academic problems and personal problems if any, from time to time and to counsel them appropriately. Each proctor has attached with a batch 20 students. This system would help the students to complete their studies comfortably and successfully.

Clubs at VGI:Various clubs at VGI will promote extracurricular activities among students. They are student-driven clubs, with a faculty member(s) guiding them in an advisory capacity.

The clubs will encourage and promote bonding, teamwork and long lasting friendships among the members. More importantly, the clubs will help VGI students to be well-rounded citizens ready for the challenges in the future after graduation. The clubs will also create opportunities for leadership roles and implementation of new ideas.

VGI encourages and expects every student to take an active and keen interest in the clubs and their activities. The membership is free in all of these clubs.

The various Clubs proposed at VGI are:

  1. Academic Club
  2. Literary Club
  3. Cultural & Fine Arts Club
  4. Sports & Recreation Club
  5. Science &Technology Club
  6. Management club

The student can be a member of more than one club. The only limiting factor is the active participation in each of the clubs. If the student is a member of many clubs, he may confront constraints of time and conflict of meeting times.

All students of B.Tech by default are deemed to be Sports & Recreation and Science & Technology club members.

All the students of M.B.A by default are deemed to be Sports & Recreation and Management club members.

The clubs will function in a democratic fashion with each member taking an active interest in the function and growth of each club. After the membership drive, the Clubs will meet to create a steering committee that will coordinate and plan activities for the rest of the year.

Director/principal and faculty will actively support the clubs. There will be at least one faculty member associated with each Club. The faculty member will advise and mentor the club and its members in activities and planning. The faculty member will act as a liaison between the club and the Director/Principal.

New Clubs will be formed based on the input and interest among the student community.

Details of Clubs:

General Guidelines for the clubs at VGI:


  • Clubs should create a supportive environment for students to reach their fullest potential.
  • Clubs should organize student development programs.
  • Clubs should create positive change in students

Goals, Motto, Emblem:

  • Each Club should have its own goals, motto, and emblem.
  • Students should come up with club goals, motto and emblem individually. The faculty should share these with all the members and come up with the final goals, motto, and emblem.


  • Each Club should have its own organizing committee.
  • Each Club should have its planned program.
  • Club meetings are to be conducted by the organizing committee under the guidance of the faculty in-charge.\
  • Meetings should be held at least once a month and the agenda should include projects, programs, workshops, recreation, etc.

Guest Member:

  • Each club can also involve parents as club guest members.
  • To get input from parents for club programs and to find out what parents want for their children, a parents meeting should be conducted for a club buzz session


  • The club activities could be lectures, discussions, workshops, field trips, exhibits, etc.
  • Clubs should have an annual program plan prepared under the guidance of the faculty in-charge.
  • The organizing committee is responsible for the equipment belonging to the club.
  • The balance of fun and learning. Parents feel it is worthwhile and members are motivated to learn more.

Academic club:Academic club at VGI is a student club dedicated for Academic Activities. This will promote various activities such as seminars, group discussions, paper presentations, and all other academic-related programs. Faculty members will be strongly associated with this club and encourage the students to perform the club activities enthusiastically.

After the membership drive the club will decide on the following matters:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. Planning and coordination of academic activities and competitions

Literary Club:Literary club at VGI promotes literary activities and conduct various literary competitions. The members will be involved in various activities like Debates, Elocutions, JAM (Just A Minute) Sessions, Quiz, Book Reviews and Group Discussions. This Club will also be involved in organizing literary seminars and public speaking sessions aimed at improving the literary awareness on the campus.

Literary Club will also have responsibility for VGI Gazette/Newsletter (Any Suggestions for the names) The Newsletter activity will be spearheaded by a separate committee of literary club.

After the membership drive, the club will decide on the following:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. The organizational structure for Newsletter
  3. Meeting Times.
  4. Activity planning and coordinating
  5. Competitions.

Membership is free, there will be space and audio systems are provided for the activities of the club by the college and the club will also be representing VGI at inter-collegiate competitions.

Management Club:The management club at VGI promotes the activities related to various fields of management. It will widen the scope and knowledge of the management students through various activities like seminars, group discussions, debates and others. It will also prepare the students to face the global world challenges.

After the membership drive the club will decide on the following:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. Planning and coordination of management activities and competitions.

Science & Technology Club:Science & Technology club at VGI will promote science and technology learning and awareness among the students. Science club will meet to discuss the science and technology innovations and applications. The club will also coordinate the procurement of books and journals for the library pertinently to the student community. The club will host and participate in competitions.

Every student is a member of the club.

Faculty members will be closely associated with the club in encouraging and promoting the discussions and club activities

After the membership drive the club will decide on the following:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. Planning and coordination of science activities and competitions.

Cultural & Fine Arts Club:

Cultural & Fine Arts club at VGI is a dedicated student club for nonacademic activities. This club will try to bring out the inherent talents of the students like singing, dancing, painting and so on.

Apart from being gathering place for students, this club is also responsible for their participation in the events like fresher’s day, and inter-collegiate competitions.

After the membership drive, the club will decide on the following:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. Club groups dedicated to each type of activity that the members are interested in.
  3. Meeting times
  4. Practice times
  5. Competitions

Membership is free. Management will provide practice room and other facilities based on the interest and membership.

Sports & Recreation Club:

Sports and recreation is an essential activity for VGI students. These activities will promote health, team spirit and bonding among the students. Every student is by default a member of the sports club. VGI is keen to encourage every student to take part in at least one sports activity.

Sports and recreation club at VGI will coordinate and promote indoor and outdoor sports activities and competitions. The indoor activities include table tennis, chess, caroms and scrabble the outdoor activities include cricket, shuttle badminton, basketball and other athletics. The sports activities at VGI will grow according to the needs of the student community.

After the membership drive, the club will club decide on the following:

  1. Core steering committee and charter for the club.
  2. Subgroups for indoor and outdoor sports activities.
  3. Planning and coordination of sports activities and competitions.

Healthy Practices – Student Hostel:

The hostel facility is provided separately for boys on the campus and for girls very near to the campus with full security. Very reasonable fee for both food and accommodation is collected from the students. One staff member stays in the hotel along with students to look after the needs of the inmates. The food served in the hostel is a mix of north and south Indian dishes. Hostel atmosphere is maintained such that every student feels this as a home away from home.

Healthy Practices –Medical facilities & Drinking Water:

The institution has provided sick rooms with the first aid medical facility. A medical practitioner is available on call at any time. ARO water plant in the Institution provides the purified drinking water to staff and students.

Healthy Practices – Student Canteen:

The institution has its own canteen facility on the campus where the students are provided with nutritious food at affordable price. The college canteen committees frequently taste the food and if any deviation from the agreed norms is noticed the canteen contractor is immediately instructed to rectify the same.

Healthy Practices – Human Resource Development Cell:

Training and placements are an integral part of the Institute programs. The Institute gives very high importance on the student’s employability and thus, every student is provided with ample opportunities for employment through campus interviews and placement processes. The Human Resource Development Celltrains its students to meet the demands of companies around the world as well as set up their own businesses by organizing personality development programs, workshops and interview skills.

Healthy Practices – Student Welfare:

An anti-ragging committee consisting Heads of the departments, senior staff members and few selected senior students headed by the principal looks after the welfare of the newly admitted students. The institutes prominently display the anti-ragging posters at various places like canteen, library, hostels, games & sports rooms and student waiting halls where the students generally gather. Every senior student is provided with the punishment details for indulging in ragging. Each student gives an undertaking saying that they will not indulge in any type of ragging activity and knows the punishment rules. The campus is absolutely ragging free.

Healthy Practices – Industrial Visits:

With an aim to go beyond academics industrial visits are arranged to develop the insights of the students – attaining practical knowledge and their theoretical applications thereof. Industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this is it lets students know things practically through interaction, working methods, and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from an academic point of view. A group of students is taken for a guided tour of the premises of various industries, providing them with information about the background of the companies and their current position in the global business scenario.

Healthy Practices -360 Degrees Feedback:

The institutions are committed to seeking 360o feedback. The 360-degree evaluation system is focused on teaching and learning programs and performance of Faculty and Management. Annual performance appraisals enable Management in monitoring the standards and evaluation of institutional programs agreeing with institutions Vision and Mission. We acknowledge the right of students, staff or members of the committees to offer constructive suggestions on the policies of the Institutions.

Healthy Practices – Security:

Round the clock security is provided to the Institutions and Hotels. Every student and staff member is provided with an identity card. Unauthorized persons are easily recognized at the gate itself by the security guard. Firefighting equipment is provided at different vulnerable points.

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