Library at VGI

    The library information center at VGI caters to the need of the students in the fast changing scenario in the Flat World by providing a large collection of books and journals in the print form and digital form. It has more than 15,250 volumes with 4600 titles in various disciplines of Engineering, Management, and Pharmaceutical Science. The library has a subscription for e-journals-DELNET; 120 both national and international Journal in print form. The library is completely automated and provides Internet and Photocopying facility to the students. The institution is also providing the Book Bank scheme to all the interested students in Engineering Program.

  Mrs. R. Kavitha Rani M.A.{Sociology}; M.Li.Sc. (Librarian)

  1. Kavitha Rani is the Librarian of the institution with has 8 years of experience. She is a postgraduate in Sociology and in Library &information science. She has also done Diploma in Civil Engineering, P.G. Diploma in Mathematics and P.G. Diploma in Computer Science. She believes in the Fourth laws of library science proposed by S. R. Ranganathan ( i.e.) Save the time of the reader, by providing current information regarding  Subject or General to the Students & Faculty without losing any time. Her ambition is to pursue   Ph.D. in Library &information science.

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