Message from the Chairman – Academic: Greetings of the day! You are welcome to Vivekananda Group of Institutions(VGI) WEBSITE. As you know, Technical education in our country plays an important role in the economic, industrial and social development of our nation. It is imparted at various levels such as diploma, degree, post-graduate, and research. Developed nations have more liberalized pattern of technical education whereas still, we have a centralized pattern in our country.

Quality technical education is needed to enable the future engineers to become competent innovators, designers, and product manufacturers. After globalization, here is a tremendous industrial growth but Cutthroat competition. There is a huge demand for specific domain skilled technical manpower such as VLSI, Embedded Systems, Biotechnology, Materials Science, and Nanotechnology. When India’s computer industry created a mark in the world of business and gained super trust, Computer Science has become one of the most lucrative and competitive courses of study in Indian engineering schools.

The Vivekananda Group of Institutions was established with the aim of imparting quality technical education. The final destination or success starts with a thought or an idea and when honored with hope and confidence it sprouts, blossoms and leads to an action with knowledge. These actions become habits and represent the character, which finally leads to the destination. VGI cultivate good habits in students every single day. The faculty at VGI takes the keen interest in updating teaching-learning methods which in turn provide stimulating intellectual thinking and lifelong learning skills to meet the technological revolution and new challenges of the modern era with a right blend of Indian ethics and values.

 During the short period of stay for two/ four years in this institute, all the Students from different States and different branches should come together, and learn as a team. During this “short period”, there will be a large amount of knowledge flow and you will know that beyond the walls of a classroom there is still the bigger classroom. Use the college as a training ground for developing your personality. Our final advice to newcomers is, “Do not compromise your dreams for anyone”.As no one is going to hand you your dream, you have to work hard for it. Do what you love first. Your career will grow out of that love. Your interest must be always in your future because you are going to spend the rest of your life there. The institutions are looking forward to a very pleasant and interesting association with you, which would be intellectually stimulated and highly rewarding academically.

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